It only takes three simple steps

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What a special moment when you finally seal the deal

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How Do I Even Find a Promising Client if No One Knows About Me?

These are the stable, mature, and free-to-use services I’ve found that offer an acceptable trade-off between user experience, privacy, and convenience.

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Why Should You Care About Online Privacy?

You have it all in you.

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And how to avoid them

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Svelte will give you developer superpowers

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Reflect on your moral compass.

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Into The World of Dreams

You can skip all the books with this easy-to-follow guide

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  • What skills do I need to be able to contribute successfully?
  • How do I write commit messages correctly?
  • What is forking? What is upstream?

You don’t have to be overwhelmed by emails and notifications

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Craft Beer

You gotta try them all.

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Markus Hatvan

Full Stack Developer. Calisthenics Enthusiast. Craft Beer Connoisseur. Biohacker.

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